How To Replace Your Air Filters

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Residential HVAC repair is something that requires constant care and attention. That is, besides having your system regularly serviced by professionals, you will also need to frequently do some DIY maintenance. This article focuses on the easiest DIY tasks for homeowners with small budgets and limited handyman skills. The great thing about the job that they don't require any special tools or knowledge of HVAC systems.

The Importance of Clean Air Filters

Perhaps the most important thing to do, when it comes to the overall health or HVAC system is to regularly replace the filter. Most home, have several filters which help to tackle odors, neutralize allergens, and reduce dust. There will be filters on the air returns which are mounted on the wall, and that could also be a filter attach directly to the actual furnace.

Change, Don't Clean Your Filters

Rather than wasting your time trying to clean your filters, it is best if you just replace them completely. Air filters are very inexpensive and can be purchased at many retail and home-improvement stores. It is difficult to clean a dirty filter, so it is just more practical to replace it completely. Filters within the air return registers are very easy to replace once you remove the register.

Removing the Old Filters

Most registers are only attached to the wall with two screws. You simply remove the screws, pull the register away, and you will see the filter right there. When you pull the filter out, both sides could be kicked in dirt and dust. To be absolutely certain that you get the right filter replacement, it is a good idea to take your old filter to the store with you, or at least write down the model number. Residential filters are similarly sized, so you want to make sure yours fits perfectly.

The filter attached your furnace could be inside the main cabinet, or in a slot attached to the outside of it. Either way, it should be very easy to find and replace. Usually, you don't need any tools to pull the filter out of the compartment.

In the end, regular filter replacement is going to increase the lifespan of your furnace, and make your heating system more efficient. If you fail to regularly replace your air filter, certain components within your HVAC system are going to use more electricity and reduce the efficiency of your system.