Living With Unbearably Dry Winter Air In Your House? Make These HVAC Fixes

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If your house is becoming unbearably dry and you think that it's because your furnace is running to keep the house warm, you want to have an HVAC contractor come to look at the unit. You don't want to have to put humidifiers around the home, especially if your rooms are all broken up, and you would have to purchase multiple units. Here are some of the things you want to talk with the HVAC contractor about, and ways that you can prevent the dryness from becoming a bigger problem:

Add a Furnace Humidifier

You can have a humidifier added to your current furnace, instead of purchasing an entirely new furnace or multiple humidifiers for the home. This will put moisture into the air before it flows throughout the house, so the dry air isn't a problem. This is the easiest and most effective way to prevent the air from being overly dry, and you don't have to worry about keeping units plugged in around your living space.

Turn the Heat Down When No One is Around

Just because you want the house to be warm and toasty when you get home, doesn't mean that you need to have the heat blowing all day. This just increases the dryness problem that you are experiencing. Instead, talk with the HVAC repair expert about getting a programmable thermostat, so the heat isn't as high throughout the day when no one is home, and moisture can stay in the air.

Look for Air Leaks

The air isn't moist outside during the winter when the temperatures are cold. To deal with this, you want to make sure that you don't have any air getting in through windows, doors or plumbing that goes in or out of the house. Have these air leaks sealed off and you won't just prevent dry air from getting into the house, but you will also help reduce heating and cooling costs by eliminating air loss.

If you are dealing with bloody noses, sore throats, dry flaky and itchy skin, cracked lips, and other problems because the air in your home is so dry, it's time to talk with the HVAC contractor so you can get some help. You want to make sure that you live in comfort, and that you preserve your home at the same time by keeping the air quality at an appropriate moisture level throughout the year.

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