3 Reasons Why Ductwork Is The Ideal Place For Mold To Develop And Grow

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the idea that there could be mold growing in a hidden area inside of your home is one that most homeowners rarely give a thought to. However, there are definitely inconspicuous areas where mold could thrive and grow with a homeowner being none the wiser, especially when it comes to the HVAC system. Truthfully, the ductwork of your HVAC system is the idea place for a major mold outbreak to take place and this can be incredibly dangerous. Check out these reasons why the ducts are the ideal place for mold to flourish inside of your home. 

There is little attention to the inside of ducts in the average home. 

If you are like the majority of homeowners, the inside of your ducts will be the last place you go to examine or clean or pay much attention to at all. The fact is, this is one area in the house that rarely ever gets much attention. Because of this, mold spores are allowed to grow and develop without being discovered for long periods, which means the problem can be far out of hand before anyone inside the house catches on. 

Ductwork is often surrounded by layers of insulation that holds moisture in. 

Most people think of the inside of their ducts as dry, which should be true if the ducts have no external or internal damage. However, the insulation that surrounds the ducts is highly absorbent, which means if water gets into this material, it can hang around for months without being disturbed. If the ducts are damaged, this moisture in the surrounding insulation can easily feed inside. 

The inside of ductwork is dark and void of natural sunlight. 

natural sunlight and its UV rays help to eliminate mold spores because it eliminates moisture in the air that the mold spores need to survive and grow. The inside of ductwork never sees sunlight because of the way they are designed to function. Therefore, if even a few mold spores make their way inside the ducts and there is adequate moisture to feed the spores, the problem can grow out of hand rather fast. 

If you have sustained water damage to your ducts or you suspect there could be a mold problem in your ductwork system, you should know that this is not a problem that should be left to wait. Reach out to an HVAC technician like Atlantic Heating and Cooling skilled in mold remediation for more advice.