About An Inefficient Central Air Conditioner

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Have you had to resort to using a fan because your inefficient central air conditioner has become too costly to run? You can actually look for specific signs that will give you a general idea of what kind of repair your air conditioner might need. This article will give you a list of common air conditioning inefficiency problems and how a contractor can fix them.

Air Takes a While to Start Flowing

When air takes a while to flow out of vents when the air conditioner is turned on, it is a sign of an air handler problem. The fan is basically taking a while before it begins to spin. The motor to the fan might be slowly going out, which is why it takes a while to power up the fan. It is also possible that the fan is just covered in debris that is making it hard to spin. Basically, a new fan or motor is needed, or you need to get the interior of the air handler cleaned altogether.

Air Pressure from Vents is Low

If you don't feel much air flowing out of the vents, it might mean that the air handler fan does not spin fast enough. However, dirty air ducts can lead to a blockage of air as well. Trash, rodent carcasses and other types of debris might be in the ducts along with dirt. A contractor can thoroughly clean the ducts out so more air will flow through vents. It is also possible that the low air pressure is the result of leakage in the air ducts, such as from fittings being loose or cracks.

Inaccuracy from the Thermostat

Your air conditioner inefficiency problem might stem from you having an inaccurate thermostat. Set your thermostat at different temperatures and observe to find out if there are actual changes. It is possible that your thermostat is broken and only able to release air at one temperature. You will either need to get the needle repaired, or invest in a new thermostat.

Air is Not Very Cold

The main most common reason for air to not get cold is from there being a low level of coolant. You might need to get more coolant placed in the system because it is needed by the evaporator coil. The gas basically makes the metal of the coil cold so it can cool down air as it passes through the system.

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